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Digital transformation

We enjoy advising clients on their steps to change.
Whether it is about new online business models, growing in

e-commerce or increasing the digital knowledge level of the team. We are happy to help you take the next step.

Brand strategy

Are you looking for a distinctive brand identity that truly represents your company and that everyone supports with passion and conviction? At Red Fingerprint we work closely with you to realize your distinctive branding. With our expertise we create for you a unique message that immediately touches your target group.

Our working method starts with determining your clear brand story and proposition. That way, we define the authentic brand value and DNA of your company. Then we use our creativity to transform these values into a visual identity that brings your brand powerfully to the market. Together we realize the brand identity your company deserves!

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E-commerce strategy

Do you want to sell your products on marketplaces like or grow by selling your products on foreign marketplaces? We create a customized e-commerce strategy and help with the onboarding on marketplaces. 

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